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Whether or not you celebrate Easter, we hope your Sunday is filled with chocolate and sugar and other things that aren’t good for you. It’s the weekend, live a little. We hear Peeps are in season…

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Gabriel Garcia Maquez Dies at 87


Nobel Prize winning Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, responsible for bringing us life altering epics the likes of 100 Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, passed away today.

Growing up in Colombia, Sari A, Sari B, and Ilana have each had a powerful connection to the father of Magic Realism. The Bib + Tuck team couldn’t be sadder about the loss of such a significant figure to our culture. 

Bringing to you our unofficial series of the absolute weirdest shit that happens on a New York City subway (the N train this time), one man decided he just couldn’t take it anymore.

He had to have his oysters. I mean, he packed a pocket-sized bottle of Tabasco. How convenient - how ingenious.

5 cocktails to try this weekend

TGI…Thursday? Yeah, we’re ready for the weekend. Take a look at these delicious cocktail recipes we want to try to help you through the final stretch of the week—you know, in case you’re feeling adventurous and want to step out of the Trader Joe’s wine aisle. 

Boozy Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade from Food52

Spicy Cucumber Margarita from A Cozy Kitchen

Blackberry Gin Fizz from Smitten Kitchen

Birds and Bees from Saveur

Paloma from Bon Appétit

Image via Food52. 

Probably my favorite Tuck to date, this VPL coat is absolutely going to be a cold weather staple. VPL was the very first NYFW show I ever attended, so to know have a piece from the line that I can really wear everywhere feels so cool!

Shira & Alex have an incredible selection of eclectic tucks, I suggest you take a look 

For a little mid-week exploration into the fashion glitterati of culinary delights, we bring you Designer Foods curtesy of AnOther Magazine

Bon Appétit!

Meet the Astro Twins


The Astro Twins are identical twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut, astrologers for Elle, Refinery29, and TV Guide and an impressive list of celebrities, including Stevie Wonder and the Queen B herself. The experts behind give us their insider’s tips on how to survive the Mercury retrograde, how to get along with basically anyone, and how to truly understand your horoscope. 

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Was this a good match?
The Astro Twins break it down for Bib + Tuck founders Sari A and Sari B. 
A great match, especially for collaborations. You are two signs apart, which is ideal for friendship and dynamic duo energy. Capricorns and Scorpios are both keen business minds with discerning tastes. Capricorn Sari might be more of the big picture visionary who likes making deals and managing the staff. Scorpio Sari may prefer to work behind the scenes, obsessing over the details and managing the more creative aspects of the job. But Sari squared is a force to be reckoned with. You also share a similar “high quality only” sensibility based on your signs.

Was this a good match?

The Astro Twins break it down for Bib + Tuck founders Sari A and Sari B. 

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Good Reads: What Bib+Tuck is reading this month


We at Bib+Tuck spend a lot of time on the Interwebz, but we know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being enveloped by a good book. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and when the process of dinging a new book to read becomes a chore, it’s just easier to grab a magazine to get your fix of print. So we’re going to play book club. We did a quick poll around the office to see what the ladies of B+T are reading this month, as a way to ease your way into the New York Times Bestseller list. 

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Look 1: Matthew Williamson Tribal Print Suit Look: 

·      Tribal Printed Pants

·      Tribal Jacket

·      Crochet Peplum Top

·      Gold Open Toe Dior Wedges

·      Golden Chain Belt

Look 2: Valentino Tribal Mini Dress Look:

·      Tribal Print Silk Shirt

·      Black Fringe Coat

·      Black Belt

·      Multichain Long Gold Necklace

·      Gold Cuff

·      Sandals

Look 3: Emilio Pucci Tribal Mini Skirt Look: 

·     Tribal Print Bandage Skirt

·     Black Graphic Tee

·     Leather Lace Up Pumps

·     Studded Belt

Look 1: Gucci Metallic Suit with Fringe Bag Look: 

·      Metallic Pant Suit

·      Gladiator Heels

·      Fringe Bag

Look 2: Marissa Webb Skirt Look: 

·      Metallic Gold Tulip Skirt

·      Pinstripe Silk Shirt

·      Gold Sandals

Look 3: Altuzarra Metallic Dress with Open Back: 

·      Silver Metallic Dress

·      Grey Boots

Coachella brings out all the celebrities (undercover, of course), and all kinds of dances. Yo, Leo - is that you?

Buzzfeed thinks he dances like our dads.

"I had a huge archive of strange spa / beauty images just sitting around on my computer that I’d collected and wanted to create a sort of visual meditation on the subtly aggressive message I think they send to woman about their looks and their bodies. It’s an area that I’m very interested in conceptually and aesthetically and I wanted to make something that reflects both the beauty and danger of it.” - Erin Grant

Erin Grant can be defined in various ways - doe-eyed, cat-loving, a triple threat. Triple, meaning she’s not willing to be typecast as just an artist. She’s a performer, video artist and filmmaker wrapped into one package. 

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Yana Olegovna Yatsuk, model/actor, in her tucked dress.
Yana tucked this summery floral dress back in February/March “just in time for the Cali sunshine!” A low blow to us East Coast dwellers, but a great tuck nonetheless.

Tell us about the item. (What it is, when you tucked it, why you love it.)
I tucked it in February/March, just in time for the California sunshine! Why I love it: 1) I’m a fan of anything I can get away with wearing without a bra, 2) I’m really picky with florals, but this dress has just the right print!
What’s the tuck that got away?
Black leather Céline booties (front zipper and all) *SIGH*
Your closet is mostly filled with…
Reformation, Reformation, Reformation. 
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Go with your impulses, and always trust your gut!
Favorite social media platform.
Instagram (follow her!): from photos of fashion, to nature, to kittens—it’s all in that little app!
Trend you want to die.
UGGS. Come. on. people.
Favorite app you’ve downloaded recently.
Songza—music based off my mood? Yes, please. 
What’s your go-to outfit when your alarm doesn’t go off, you’re running 15 minutes late and don’t have time to plan out your look?
Any J Brand jeans, a James Perse/Vince tee, leather jacket, and a pair of vintage lace-up booties!
If you had to send a text to your 13 year old self, what would it say?
"Your mom was right."

Finish these sentences:
I carry… too many scripts in my bag!
As another tucker so perfectly said, I… sleep in while Beyoncé… “woke up like this.”
Never go… out without… SUGAR Tinted Chapstick!
There’s no such thing as… too much black!

Yana Olegovna Yatsuk, model/actor, in her tucked dress.

Yana tucked this summery floral dress back in February/March “just in time for the Cali sunshine!” A low blow to us East Coast dwellers, but a great tuck nonetheless.

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