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(Video via In Return)

Bringing a small piece of the internet IRL— London based creative studio, In Return, has ushered GIFs into the world of street art. They mounted several inconspicuous frames throughout the city— at bus stops, on mail boxes, light posts and tourist attractions, that feature looped animations. The artists behind the studio, Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier, were the team behind the popular “IRL Photoshop Eraser" street art project released earlier this year. The video above shows the reactions of passersby. 

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(Image via Creator’s Project)

by: Stephanie Borgovan

10 Buzzfeed DIY’s You Will Never Do

1. For the Warhol-esque rainbow child: imageYou’re about to stash your life in these cans—silverware, twizzlers, the works.

2. For the trend-lovers: The EarcuffsimageYou can make a different one for everyday of the week now that you’ve got the whole logic behind it… Check it.

3. For the jokester: The Sassy Mugimage

A nice jack and coke fix at 9 a.m. is the new wake-up call, kinda. Here’s how.

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=^.^= So KaWaIi =^.^=

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Creative Direction: Ilana Savdie

Art Direction and Design: Stephanie Borgovan

Time Magazine Twitter Study Reveals Paris Hilton, JWOWW are Smarter than Oprah


(Image via Tumblr)

Time recently published a Twitter study that uses a common reading comprehension test to rate the intelligence of the most followed celebrities on Twitter—and the results are in. Leonardo DiCaprio is at the top of the list, which is cool, his Twitter is very #serious and he mostly tweets about the causes he supports. The rest of the list gets progressively more perplexing as your scroll down it. Coming in second is Pattie Mallet, or to the layman— Justin Bieber’s mom. Ludacris is #4, JWOWW is #8, and, Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson. FLO RIDA, and Kendall Jenner are all pretty high up on the list, before Oprah, who is all the way in 42nd place.OPRAH! 

But maybe we’re underestimating them, maybe we’re being hasty. Let’s see…


(Image via Reality TV GIFS)

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Ridiculously Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes, Because Summer

Ice cream sandwiches always look harder to make than they are. Sure, you can go all Martha Stewart and make your own cookies — maybe even your own ice cream. But when it’s hot and you just want it NOW, it’s all about putting the pieces together: you have your cookies, you have your ice cream, BAM! Magic. Sure, you can buy some pre-made stuff at any grocery store. But then again…

… Yeah, the extra DIY effort looks preeeetty good, huh.

Now, you can go classic, chocolate chip cookies with whatever vanilla ice cream was on sale at your local grocery store. Or, you can get fancy with your combos. Here are some ideas to kickstart your brain juices (and cravings). Recipes sourced from Food52 and Buzzfeed (here & here). 

The Trick That’ll Save Your Life

Scooping is for wimps. (Buzzfeed)

The Healthy Alternative

Because, unfortunately, ice cream season and bikini season are one and the same. :( (Food52)

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Stephen Colbert Is A Cool Dad

Ask a Grown Man: Stephen Colbert from Rookie on Vimeo.

Some time ago, Colbert teased Rookie ringleader Tavi Gevinson about participating in their “Ask A Grown Man” web series. Tavi was all like, “yes plz thnx” — and voilà! Colbert put aside his conservative religious political commentator bit, and put on his best dad flannel to answer teen reader questions. Check out the clip!

By: Ana Colón

T-Shirts That Say It All

… so you don’t have to.

Sometimes, we don’t want to explain ourselves.

Sometimes, we want people to read us.

Well, now they can. Literally.

Made In Hell-A “Donezo” Tee, $57.

It’s over, CYA.

It’s Over Tee, $42.

Srsly, GTFO.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Silk Dog Blouse, $107.

It really is — so wear pajama shirts all day, every day.

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GIF of the Day: Ryan Gosling Wont Eat His Cereal, by Anne Horel

5 NYC Rooftops To Hit Up ASAP

Five rooftops. Now. Only because Lana Del Ray said summer nights in mid July you and I were forever wild. We don’t know who the “you” is yet, but we’re okay with getting wild on rooftops or something.

1. The Standard Hotel Rooftopimage(image)

Obviously The Standard is…anything but standard. Oh, there’s Nutella crepes up there too? See you [not at the gym]. 360 views and the whole nine yards. And Nutella, but you already knew that. Stop #1: Le Bain.

2. The Wythe Hotelimage(image)

Brooklyn, we go hard. Okay. Rooftop chillin at The Ides at the Wythe Hotel ain’t half bad either. Go for the view. Or make yourself a bubble bath and buy a postcard, whatever.

3. Hotel Americanoimage(image)

Down to take a dip in La Piscine at the Hotel Americano. The hotel has a nice Latin and French vibe mash up so…yo quiero croissant. Done, I’m in. 

4. Jimmy at the Jamesimage(image)

Holla at your boy Jimmy. And James. AKA Jimmy at the James in Soho. Impressive cocktail list, the works. Get it. 

5. Refinery Hotelimage(image)

New kid on the block…and we like it a lot. Indoor and outdoor patios, retractable roof. lively music at the Refinery Hotel rooftop.

By: Alexis Bendjouia

Rejected Emojis


Created by FunnyOrDie contributors Jesse Benjamin, Avery Monsen and Darryl Gudmundson for World Emoji Day earlier this month (yes, this is real), this brilliant Tumblr catalogs the emotions and iconography of our age that the app has yet to cover, and some other stuff that makes no sense but we’re into anyway. 

All images via Rejected Emojis

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The Craziest Beyonce and Jay Z Rumors (That Did Not End the World)


(Image via Life & Style)

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer in the last week, you’ve heard: we flew too close to the sun. Perfection does not exist. Beyonce and Jay Z are getting a divorce. 

Maybe. This is all based on the claims of one blind gossip site, Bossip, that apparently, also before it was publicly announced, bore the news that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were breaking up and everyone on the site seems super positive it’s about Beyonce and Jay Z so, it’s game on. If memory serves, I don’t remember the TomCat relationship causing the emotional collapse of the internet, but apparently the mere whiff of turmoil with BeyJay is akin to being positive your BFF just died in a blaze of flames when the fire drill alarm goes off at school.

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Wish it was sunday, cause that was a fun day, but this is just a manic…well you know. So here’s our roundup of things we saw, learned, or wished we could unsee today

Favorite Headline of the Day

- Well it’s not like we haven’t been waiting for this for 15 years
- New York Times takes a stand against the modern day prohibition
- Graphic Designers are finding a whole new way to terrify you
- It looks like you’re using paper totally wrong
- Wait what?
- The tech world can say sexism in every single language
- Is this NSFW? Either way, you’ll feel weird, wish you could unsee it, and probably watch it again every time someone you know posts it on facebook.