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What is residue free shampoo?

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If you have already gotten the locs or planning to get locs, then you must be ready to use only the popular and best non-residue shampoo where these shampoos are specifically made for the dreadlocks. This residue free shampoo bottles are available at your local medical store, it does not mean that it is actually true product but you need to do some research for verifying its legality.

Residue free shampoo for dreadlocks is not often discussed at the time when you are experiencing the dreads problem in your hair and this is the right to know about the non-residue shampoo usage and its benefits in order to get rid of this dreadlock issues. Because of its nature ingredients used in the shampoo, dreadlocks are more prone to this non residue product buildup than on the regular hair. In which there are also residue free soap contains the fragrances, oils and fats where these are mixed in with the soap and the commercial residue free shampoo will also accumulate in your dread.

Moreover when you use in this shampoo for your hair and body skin then almost it becomes impossible to dry completely because of the trapped excess content of moisture protects the skin and scalp from getting dry.

What things you should look out in this residue free shampoo

Basically you need to check that your shampoo product does not contains any synthetic fragrance this is because the emollient, humectants, moisturizer or lubricant present in these shampoo will surely build up the dreads in your body. Also avoid the shampoo that contains ingredients that starts with PPG or PEG because it will leave a residue and it build up the dreads in overtime. So always go with the shampoo without residue.

The following are some of the examples of the PEG and other moisturizing ingredients that are generally present in the regular shampoo. They are.

  • residue free shampooMilk solids
  • Urea
  • Hydrogenated tallow amide
  • Dimethicone /silicone
  • Tallowate
  • Glyceryl Tallowate
  • Lycerin
  • Mineral oil

The above ingredients are often found in the face cleaners and shampoos where this also makes them lather. Although very effective cleansing agent will be containing the sulfate ingredient in the product, so while using the shampoo check the ingredients and avoid the product to get the healthy dreads in your body.  Consult with the experts to choose the best product to have a better result.

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