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Want to see a girl in a pink bra sitting in snow, suggestively feasting on whipped cream? So do we. Welcome to our Dreem world. Creator, nightlife icon and cyber goddess, Angelina Dreem expounds on her generation, plastic and oil, and her evaluation of the selfie. Freer-love-PURP-warrior-freaks-4-lyfe

You’ve been referred to as a “Bushwick nightlife icon”. Do you identify with this?
I’ve been living in Bushwick for the past four years. Its been my backyard and playground. When you wonder these streets in different states of consciousness you feel like your memory is imprinted on specific locations. People have seen me during these specific wanderings, dressed in whatever attire, eye-catching or pathetic. I always smile and say hi to people that I recognize. We get nasty in Bushwick, we get to loving in Bushwick. I always felt accepted there, and in helping open Body Actualized Center, I in turn helped create a space for people to feel expressive. I’ve seen a lot of sunrises over warehouses in Bushwick, every time it warms my heart and makes me feel alive. I guess if I can be an icon representative of that joy and wanderlust, then I would proudly identify. Cue in Whodini “The Freaks Come out At Night”

Can you describe your personal style in 140 characters or less?
Intuitive, elegantly charged and aesthetically pure. Unrestrained and nonconformist. Best dressed when I gotta be, but id rather b naked.

What kind of influence does your work have on your personal style, if any, and vice versa?
When i do photography, i like to fit into the environment that i am approaching. I enjoy adapting to different environments to gain access to that perspective. When I’m building or constructing, I love to indulge my masculinity, to wear a uniform that represents the work I’m engaged in. It is important that style is seen as an extension of your ethos, of your aura and of your vibration. That can change, but it should always feel honest.

What has been your favorite collaboration to date?
My favorite collab so far has been with Aurora Halal. She asked me to design this awesome venue for her Mutual Dreaming party. It was going to be a 5 room installation in this raw space. Unfortunately, she was a victim of some seedy real estate guy and the venue fell through. We got through it though and moved it to 285 kent, where I got to install most of the ideas i had planned. I made the place look pretty!! She is a great inspiration of mine, so positive and supportive. We are a lot alike in our motivation and array of talents. She was great to work with and hopefully we will collaborating on a Mutual Dreaming outdoor festival this summer.

Where do you think your work lives best?
I dont think i’ve gotten to that point in defining my work yet..I think for right now my work is best when lived!

How do you feel this/your generation will leave it’s mark?
I dont like this question, maybe because I’m of the generation that never wants to think about getting old. I think we have so much potential that we are frozen in possibility. Most of us are by comparison, extremely privileged, but sooo self aware of the world around us. I think the fact that #selfie is defining most people’s creative output, says a lot about the mark we will leave. I think the only way to make a real mark is by taking it cross-generational, cross-galactical to see our true power as infinite beings and quite fucking around with low selfie-esteem. I want us to be the generation that shames the people that have constructed this world view that puts consumption at the center, bringing back compassion and creativity. My DREAM is for us to be the generation that quits using plastic and oil, but I’m pretty sure the next gen will be forced to deal with that one.

If you were given the responsibility of naming the group or movement you would be forever identified with, what would it be?
Cyber Hippy

What’s the strangest message you’ve ever received from someone you’ve never met?
"i’m trying to convince Colby Keller to come do a spanking station performance with an art action house paddle" in response to an invite to one of my events. Colby Keller is a porn star/artist.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you look like?
I see myself upstate with horses and animals and art all around me with a spot in SoHo for when I have to go to very important meetings. I look damn good, smiling and fit, with nice jewelry and shoes. Surrounded by the people that mean the most to me.

What movie character do you most relate to?
Anjelica Huston in The Royal Tenenbaums

If you could find a portal into someone’s brain ala Being John Malcovich, who’s would it be?
I would want to find myself in the mind of the great conceptual artist, Agnes Denes. She is the one that planted the acre of wheat in Battery Park before it was developed. She connects science and humanity and art in a way that is so intricate and complex, but then presents it simply and poetically. Her book of writings, The Human Argument, is what I turn to if I am ever in need of inspiration.

Name a few things that put you instantly in a good mood:
Good house music, good healthy food, getting a new pair of shoes in the mail, and always… kisses.

So what’s next for you?

I am very excited to be starting a weekly party every wednesday called Club Yes at Le Bain, kicking off tomorrow night. Brought together by the beautiful Melissa Burns and hosted by a group of other amazing talents like rappers Junglepussy, K-Rizz, La Fem Ladosha, also with visual artists Analisa Teachworth, Alex Gvojic and Ducati Mist. Dj’s Anthony Dicapua and the Good Kids Crew. We are bringing the fun, sexy crowd back to the beautiful club, focusing on pleasure and positive self-expression to the fullest!

I also am doing visuals at a Creators Connect event on friday at the Paper Box for Labanna Babalon. The Pizza Underground is performing as well so the tween in me is very excited.

By Ilana Savdie

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